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Enable/Disable Demo store notice in Magento

28 February 2015

In order to enable/disable the Demo Store Notice in Magento, you need to log into the Magento administration area and navigate to the System tab > Configuration

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clear-flush redis and memcached data

Clear/Flush Redis Cache & Memcached Data

02 February 2015

In this post I will show you the easiest way to Clear/Flush Redis Cache & Memcache Data what we are usually do in Magento cache server. It will be the same for hosting if you use for wordpress or joomla.

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Top 3 Best Magento Hosting 2015

Top 3 Best Magento Hosting 2015 Award Winning Companies

21 January 2015

Our Top 3 Best Magento Hosting 2015 Award Winning Companies is finally announced after sending out 457 survey emails to our life time customers locate in US, EU, Asia and Australia. We got feedbacks from 215 customers and they are almost happy with their hosting plan what they are using. Not only base on the […]

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CMS block widget for Product in Magento

22 December 2014

In this post, I will show how to display one product in magento store inside a CMS page with CMS block widget.

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Scan and Remove malware for magento hosting site with LMD

04 December 2014

Malware in ecommerce website is a nightmare for anyone. And of course, with magento site, it ‘s one of the most important we have to prepare for it. In this article I will show you how to scan and remove malware for magento hosting site with Linux Malware Detect – LMD.

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magento index management

Reindex magento via Command Line

21 November 2014

Magento is a perfect ecommerce platform solution for big shop online site, so that it must handle a site what have a lot of products. Let ‘s say we have 2000 products in a magento site and now we want to re-index magento to make it work faster when it access database.

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get user information

Get current logged user/customer in magento

04 November 2014

Recently we got project about magento what require to lock all of guest access. The site only accept user logged and all of pages in magento is private for users only. That mean we have to the member only magento site.

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Print Order in Magento

21 October 2014

First of all, the print function is required for all of ecommerce platform and magento already supported it. But Magento only support print invoice or shipment, what we need to do is printing a order. In many situations our customer will need to know the detail of order before they pay.

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2 ways to Disable Magento Extensions

05 October 2014

In the first step working with magento, many people will need to disable magento extension instead of uninstalling them. Just like you, I don’t want to uninstall it because I may need it later, I want to disable it for a moment only. In this post I will show a very simple way to disable […]

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Download Full HTML site with httrack Free

23 September 2014

I usually have to download a full html site from a domain, that doesn’t mean we clone the site but I just want to learn how they do the coding, I want to add it to my html project with full IDE like netbean or dreamwaver.

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Magento jQuery Mobile Popup with full size in percent %

08 September 2014

When develop a magento mobile theme with jQuery Mobile, I meet a problem what I think it ‘s good to share here. That ‘s the full width base on percent of popup. Let ‘s get an example I have a popup html like this.

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32 bit or 64 bit OS

How to check if Linux/ubuntu OS 32-bit or 64-bit

01 September 2014

There are some easy way to check if your linux/unix or ubuntu OS is 32-bit or 64 bit. Of course, if you run server for magento then I highly recommend you choose OS 64 bit. Now you check follow one of these ways.

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Install LAMP(Linux, Apache2, Mysql, PHP5) on Ubuntu 14.04LTS

25 August 2014

As a magento programmer, we can’t work if we don’t learn a little bit server knowledge about server installation and configuration. At least install LAMP on Ubuntu. It ‘s very basic but this blog post with hope will help you save a little time in your server installation on Ubuntu 14.04 and make everything clean […]

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The PHP 7 Features and Magento Performance

The PHP 7 Features and Magento Performance

04 August 2014

The fan of magento can prepare a party soon with this information about new version of PHP 7 release. PHP 7 with the first focus for performance what is tested and check to run well for Zend Framework (the framework magento base on). This is not mean magento will work fast like Zend but nearly […]

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Magento SMTP Email Setup

15 July 2014

You will think about Magento SMTP Email Setup for custom SMTP credential when you meet the problem with your customer complain about spam box. It is not easy to have a hosting/server where you host your site and their IP is clean and trust enough to send to Inbox of your customers.

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Magento Theme Design Ebook

05 July 2014

Magento theme design ebook will help you customize the apperarance of your Magento e-commerce store with Magento’ powerful theming engine.

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clickable through div layer

HTML/CSS make clickable through transparent DIV layer

27 June 2014

When using HTML/CSS to implement beautiful graphic design, we will need to use the transparent DIV what is the DIV html tag with css style ‘background: transparent;’. Just like you I use it and I meet the problem with it many times when I want to keep the transparent layer but I still want to […]

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Free Magento Ebook: Designer’s Guide to Magento

04 June 2014

You have heard about the unbelievable open-source features Magento offers right out the box.You spare no time seeing it in action, have oo-ed and aah-ed over it all – over and over again. Now we share you a free magento ebook for designer what are useful for any magento development purpose.

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Magento Sort by Newest Products sort by DateTime

Magento Sort by Newest Products Solution

28 April 2014

For the default sorting functionality in magento product display it doesn’t show the newest product first in listing. But the true thing is people(webmaster/business owner) always want to show their newest product first in listing. If we are using Magento 1.7.2 or above it will support position in category of product but it doesn’t help […]

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top 3 best magento hosting award winning 2014

Top 3 Best Magento Hosting Award Winning 2014

09 April 2014

Thanks Magento2X ‘s customers who joined and provided the review information for our survey about magento hosting. Our Top 3 Best Magento Hosting Award Winning 2014 base on 357 emails what sent out to our customers and we got 187 reviews. It is not too many but good enough to vote for people to choose the right magento hosting […]

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