Fast Magento Hosting 2018 is one of the topics what take a lot of time of a lot of people who work with Magento Projects. It ‘s quite simple to choose a WordPress Hosting or Joomla Hosting to get it work well but with Magento Hosting we need to take more time than others because Magento is more complex platform and the most security requirements.

Magento2X team with many years in Magento eCommerce industry, we invest resources to research all of features of our magento hosting provider list with 100+ hosting providers, and finally we take you 10 of them as a fastest magento hosting plan. It may not a perfect magento hosting list, but at least we can make sure these options can help you magento site work fast, secure and good magento supporter.

Let’s check the list of fast magento hosting providers:

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1. Fast Magento Hosting – Compatible Check

Before trying to get a Fast Magento Hosting, let ‘s take a look at Magento System Requirements. The real problem is almost normal hosting will not work with Magento because they didn’t keep Magento System Requirements enough to run it. In this case your Magento Website will run very slow or simply doesn’t work at all. So that a very first feature what your Magento Hosting company must keep that they have to say they provide Magento Hosting package. Only in this way you can make sure they design the hosting package for Magento website. And you can make sure their hosting compatible with Magento. Another way to make sure about this, let ‘s check How do I know if my hosting compatible with Magento?

2. Security check for Magento Hosting

There are 2 things you need to care here are: Server Security and Website Security.

Server Security: not much we can do here in shared web hosting or it will take us a huge time to try to hack other users on the same server. Other than that I suggest we only need a big brand name of hosting provider. This way I am pretty sure they must know how to keep security for their server or they will be out of business already. A Fast Magento Hosting must be a Good security magento hosting, unless it shouldn’t be our choice.

Website Security: if you decide to use Magento as your webshop site then you don’t have to worry about security. Magento team will take care of it for you, you just need to take a look at their update monthly to update the fix. Other than that the security problem can be happen by extension what we installed to Magento. So don’t install any extension what you can’t trust. I suggest you only install extensions from magento connect or the extension what already have many installations and reviews to make sure it have a good security. In the bottom line, this will almost belong to you and your developers.

3. Server location for Fast Magento Hosting

What we need to figure out is a Fast Magento Hosting so that we have to care about Server Location of provider. Basically, The hosting provider only need to provide server in Europe, US and Asia then it can work well on almost the world. Let ‘s say if you need a Fast Magento Hosting in UK then you can simply choose server location in Europe, it should very fast enough for you.

The speed from server location can help you have better score with Search Engine too. To research more about SEO you can look at Magento SEO Optimization.

4. Fast Magento Hosting need Best Performance

One of things we always need is the performance of server for Magento(the server response time for dynamic page). In this case, the Fast Magento Hosting need a leading hardware and the server have be be strong enough for magento. We can’t check from hosting provider, you can only see what they say but you can check the speed and the stable chart after you choose them. We are always safe since any hosting company willing give you at least 30 days money back guarantee.

In the bottom line, there are many issues need to consider when you need to choose a fast magento hosting. With my team experience in Magento Development for a long time, we only use (aff link) what match very well with our requirements and they are always keep our customers happy until now.

5. Fast Magento Hosting must provide a good caching solution

If you have ever done the magento optimization work, you will realize that the caching solution is very important to improve the magento speed and performance. The basic magento installation without any caching solution, it will support FileSystem caching method (slowest caching method). But it is not fast enough so that we need advantage caching solution as below:

  • PHP Opcode cache: as you see the magento system is heavy with many files included every time it run. So that the time to collect all of files, combine and build to execute the PHP code will take a more time if you have more files and code. So that PHP opcode solution was born to solve this problem by APC, XCache, eAccelerator … These technique will save the PHP code after after combine and optimize to byte code for ready to execute to save a ton of middle time what we don’t need. This optimization can help magento site faster up to 10x.
  • Dynamic cache: this caching layer will replace FileSystem cache, so instead we save cache and access cache via FileSystem, we will need some faster cache store like Memcached, Redis, XCache ….
  • Proxy cache: in the first thought, we can consider proxy cache only provide solution for static files like CSS, JS, Image what will help to load static files faster. It can help to load static files faster 100x in average. The concept you can understand very simple: when a file is requested from browser, it will be sent to server to get content. In this case if you have no proxy cache, the file address need to send to heavy webserver (what load a lot of modules and consume a lot of resource what we don’t need to process a static file),and it take time and server resource just to serve a static file what will never change. So that the proxy cache is designed to serve the static files right away in front of webserver with content cached in a fastest memory of operating system core. For this technique, I am talking about Varnish, Nginx (nginx can be used as proxy or webserver) or squid.

Of course, in the same caching layer we only need to choose one option.

Not many hosting company provide all of caching solutions necessary for magento because of the expensive hardware and development. But with  you can make sure to get Memcached, Varnish and Opcode solution and a lot of extra features to get magento work really fast.

In another situation, if you are having a nice VPS but you don’t know how to get it work fast with magento. Or in another word, you need a Magento VPS installation & configuration service, you can contact us, we will provide the best VPS configuration for your magento site to work fast as you need.

We always welcome any idea and suggestion for our Magento2X Team in comment area below to help us have a better article quality. Thanks

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  1. Thanks for your sharing, it surprise me right after moving to your hosting suggestion, it work roughly 1 – 2 sec per page load. It ‘s nice to see my magento website fast like that. But I see they have supercacher what promise make it faster at least 4x. Well, it ‘s always nice to make it even faster :). Can you tell me more about supercacher or any more tutorial about that? Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Lucky. When you use supercacher from SiteGround magento hosting package, you will have chance to use memcached, proxy cache, Google page speed php extension and Varnish in your shared hosting. All of these technology are included in a collection tool what is called “SuperCacher”. Just like what it name, it can help you make your site faster even 100x, if you use it right. So about how to use, you just need to click to “SuperCacher” in control panel and see the credentials of cache and use them. If you have any more question, please feel free to show it here.

  2. Thanks for the nice tutorial, I believe the key thing is you need to choose the right magento hosting or all of other steps are just waste your time.

  3. Thanks for researching, do you have any magento site demo on your hosting suggestions? I need to take a look at it to make sure all of them work fast enough. Thanks again.

  4. It ‘s nice to know how people can make their magento site fast. I think the most reason why their site fast is the right hosting. Basically, just install the default magento site to a hosting and run the test, if it ‘s fast enough then deploy our site and make it online.

    1. We use SiteGround for almost our projects and before sharing this post, we are partner with them and they guarantee about the speed and security on their hosting. Just let us know if you meet any problem, we can help to solve if their support ticket doesn’t reply fast enough with you.

  5. It ‘s really useful to help magento fast. You are a great man. For the most important steps, I think you choose the right hosting package and then minify js/css then the magento site should faster at least 3x. Other than that, if you use CDN for it what will make it faster at least 2x more.

    1. Kai, CDN is the most important. And yes, you choose SiteGround hosting, it will support one-click configure CDN for you, that ‘s cool feature what save us a lot of time, and safe to do too.

    2. Kai, almost belong to the hosting, you need to choose the fast magento hosting before you do any optimization or it just take you time. I see some hosting what make default magento installation fail when combine js/css so that the hosting must build for magento first, then we will look at other way to optimize it.

  6. I would recommend you need to add one more step about minify CSS/JS more detail what can help normal users understand and know what to do with it. Because magento include a lot of js/css resource so that the minify will help very much for performance and page load.

    1. I need the demo to see the page load speed too. If it can be a real site then it will be better. Thanks

      1. I sent you an email about demo site, hope you like it. It is working under MaxCDN and SiteGround hosting what already installed full page cache too.

  7. Great tips, Hosting have to be SEO Friendly.
    Dedicated, Server Uptime, for these I will recommend

    Cloudways is an intuitive cloud hosting platform, that enables novices, bloggers, designers, developers and agencies to easily manage and deploy applications on DigitalOcean and Amazon EC2 servers.

    What Cloudways does is optimize and setup all the necessary software on the DigitalOcean and Amazon EC2 servers. You don’t have to worry about installing Linux, MySQL, PHP, Varnish, Memcache, Apache, Nginx and other scripts on the servers.

    Prices start at $5/month.

    Features of Cloudways Platform:
    1- Selection from DigitalOcean (5 data centers) and Amazon EC2 servers (8 data centers)
    2- One Click Application Installs (WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, support for all php based applications)
    3- Server scaling, based on bandwidth, hard disk space, processor and RAM.
    4- Billing on hourly basis.

    Server Features
    1- 15 real time monitoring features.
    2- Vertical Server Scaling
    3- Service Management (Nginx, Varnish, MySQL, Apache, Memcache…)
    4- Advance Server settings (Upload size, execution limit, memory limit etc.)
    5- SSL Certificate Configuration
    6- Automatic Backups
    7- Server Addons (Email settings)
    8- Dedicated IP
    9- Unlimited Domains
    10- Unlimited Application Installations

    Application Management
    1- SFTP connection
    2- Dedicated MySQL Database
    3- Application Restore
    4- Application and Server Cloning
    5- Git Integration and Deployment Via Git

    All servers are automatically updated and patched as soon as new updates are available.

    1. The true thing is I visit cloudways with a very slow speed. How they can help us make our website fast if their website is not fast at all? I tried SiteGround with GrowBig package but I don’t see any document how to configure supercacher for magento, anyone can help me with document? Thanks

      1. Hi Jad,
        If you check site speeds through Pingdom comparing Siteground and Cloudways then they load in 1.13s and 1.27s respectively.
        Cloudways takes slightly longer because their pages have more elements on it generating over 109 requests as compared to Siteground’s 62 requests. Keeping those facts in check Cloudways is pretty impressive

  8. I always think we have to buy VPS and do very special configuration to make magento site work fast until I meet your post with very simple shared magento hosting suggestion what changed my mind. It work very nice without any expensive vps or development. Thank you very much Magento2X Team. You did a great job.

  9. I actually moved to a expensive cloud VPS before moving to your hosting shared for magento. The true thing is when I move to cloud VPS I have to take care the optimization myself, so it ‘s so slow even though it ‘s epxensive. The optimise hosting for magento is still the best choice. Thanks ad

  10. fast magento hosting belong to many factors. The best way to make magento fast is still buying the managed magento hosting or magento ready hosting what is configured and optimised by company. It will be useful very much so we don’t have to fight with the performance issue.

    1. Yes, because magento server is not easy to install, configure and maintain so that if you don’t own a magento expert, you need to buy a managed magento hosting in this list who will take care for you everything about magento server/hosting issues.

  11. It ‘s really a fast magento hosting choice, it ‘s unbelievable to make magento site work so easy like that. That ‘s cool. Thanks man

  12. fast magento hosting, it ‘s really nice reviews for magento site to make things work fast. Thanks ad.

  13. fast, yes, it ‘s really fast hosting solution for magento. I would always recommend them for anyone. Cool tips.

  14. So fast, so easy and so nice to know this article. You guys did a great job. Cool!

  15. hi, i’ve been searching anywhere for magento hosting. and now it’s all pointed to this Siteground Hosting. just to make sure, would you pls send me the demo link of your site? using Sitegorund Singapore Datacenter if possible. and you can send me your aff link if you want.

    thank you

  16. I switched Magemojo to Magehost last month. They are good. Took care of migrations also and my website speed is better plus my costs have reduced while still being on AWS.

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