Set up a new magento store in fashion industry is not easy at all. You need to make sure the look because your customers all have a good look, they would leave your shop right after the first look if your site is not good enough :). Today we show you a very good look fashion magento theme and it ‘s totally FREE for Magento 1.9.x.


It offers a powerful set of features that add usability and style to any website. It has to be said, that the selection of our Magento Themes will help you put up an online store of your dreams as well as define your further business strategy.

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This particular theme offers a clean layout with a minimal design and a variety of cool effects including parallax scrolling, animated pictures, full-width sliders and images. Hover effects fixed menu, etc. In other words it is ready for eCommerce, you only have to upload your content and make several adjustments and it is good to go. Responsive design is a must-have feature for any modern website whether it is a news blog or a powerful online shop. It automatically adjusts the content of your site to any screen resolution it’s been displayed on.

A free template which comes packed with premium features for crafting awesome online store. Here is Clothes Store template which will have you sorted with all the needed to bring your online project to realization. Instead of going from scratch, the design is ready to put to use.

From your end, you only need to upload product pictures and details, shop info and you are ready to go. Sure, along the way, you can do different improvements to further customize the look and make it tailored to your needs. But more likely, you will not need to do much work since the clean and minimal look of Clothes Store is very appealing to the eye.

Visitors will get to enjoy browsing your site from all devices due to template’s full responsiveness. Moreover, parallax effect gives your site a distinct look and video background additional entertainment. The sliders are full width and there is a portion of animated pictures, too.

The usefulness of Clothes Store free Magento template will be of great benefit for you, the site builder, and the customer. The awesome effects add up to the overall design of the template and make your web store look even more professional. Get things going.

So more people will be able to reach you page even from their smartphones and tablets. FYI. This free sample is forbidden for commercial use and designed for educational purposes. However it can be used as a prompt for designing your own site.

Use the premium free Magento sample to design a powerful store with hot style and reach functionality. Make your business highly effective and improve revenue in the short run.

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