This tutorial will show you how to get Base secure URL without index.php in PHP code. It ‘s just a simple methods but many programmers will need. Hope this will be a useful magento tips.

First of all, make sure you enabled index.php for some reason. Now we have a PHP file at Magento root directory, and we want to call Magento secure pages from this PHP file.

Let’s use one of these methods



Mage:: getBaseUrl



All of those automatically detect if the page is already secure when you do not specify it.

You can specify a store with the second parameter of getStoreConfig. It accepts an ID, a code (as set in admin) or a Mage_Core_Model_Store object, just use whatever you have available in your code.
In template file you can use this to show URL

{{config path="web/unsecure/base_url"}}

To me, I prefer to use Mage:: getBaseUrl since it ‘s more official method.

If you meet anything wrong then please check one of these issues:

  • Use Web Server Rewrites => Yes
  • Caching is disabled. Clear cache if needed.
  • Home and category work properly
  • Server/hosting magento work well let’s check the best magento hosting list.