Alright let’s learn how to add some categories. Categories are what holds your products that are being sold on your website. The following section will cover how to add and manage a variety of categories.

Accessing Magento Categories:

In order to be able to create and edit categories in Magento you have to know how to access them!

access magento categories

It’s actually quite simple, take your cursor and hover over the “Catalog” button on the top toolbar and select “Manage Categories” to be taken there.

Once inside the Category Manager you’ll see something like this:

magento create new categories

What you’re seeing now is a list of all the categories being used throughout your site. NOTE: You’re site probably will look different as everyone will have different categories than others.

So now that you know how to access the Category Manager let’s jump right into it and create a

Creating Magento Categories:

Alright let’s show you how to create categories!

1. First you want to access the Category Manager (see “Accessing Magento Categories”) and once you’re on your Category Manager you want to go ahead and click the “root” category

magento categories

2. Once the “root” category is selected you now want to go ahead and click the “Add Subcategory” button

name category

a. NOTE: Make sure you click on “Add Subcategory” ONLY! Never click on “Add Root Category”!!!!!!

3. A Screen will open to your right that looks just like this:

a. The two items were going to be worrying about is “Name” and “Active,” don’t worry, if you can’t find them I’ve circled them for you.

magento category active

4. Go ahead and fill in the “Name” of your category. This can be anything you want it to be just naming it around what the products within it will be.

a. For example if I was selling couches and chairs within a new category I would probably name it “Furniture.”

5. Also go ahead and drop down the “Is Active” menu and choose “Yes”

6. Once that’s done you can go ahead and hit save and your Category is ready to have products added to it.

Editing Magento Categories:

Making changes to a Magento Category is quite easy and is very similar to creating the actual Category itself.

To edit a Magento Category please follow these steps:

1. Repeat the all the steps in “Accessing Magento! Categories” and navigate to the Category Manger.

2. Locate and click on the name of the Category you want to edit.

3. You will now be taken back to the Category Edit screen which is the exact same screen from the Category creation process.

Deleting Magento Categories:

If you want to delete a Magento Category please follow these simple steps:

1. Repeat all the steps in “Accessing Magento Categories.”

2. Click on the Category you wish to delete.

3. Once selected make sure you’ve chosen the right category and