This article will show you how and where to get started with magento programming or magento development from beginning. And of course, if your level ‘s good you can pass some steps to save time.

From our magento experts we suggest you do these step by step to get started with magento development.

  1. Learn HTML/JS/CSS: this will be used for front end development or any UI customization in client side so that you must expertise these things before doing anything
  2. Learn PHP: at least you build your own PHP simple app from beginning to understand some basic feature. For example: you can build a simple CMS with authentication
  3. Learn OOP & MVC: these design pattern are very important to get started with magento so that you can’t miss it.
  4. Install and configure magento: it is not too complicate to do this. At least you can set up a magento site from beginning to get it work and act as administrator of the site.
  5. Install and configure some module: one step checkout, smtp, theme, language … so you understand how the system work
  6. Do the first theme customization
  7. Do the first module customization
  8. Do the full new module/theme

Keep in mind that HTML/JS/CSS and PHP are core of everything in web development. You have to train yourself about these skills to get started with any web platform in PHP. After cover all of these skills, you are good enough to fight :).

Let’s check some URLs for HTML/CSS/JS




These links will not provide everything you need but all of basic to learn anything higher level.

Some skills in jQuery (a very popular library of js) will help you very much in browser coding, so it ‘s nice to take some time for it

After these client script, let’s get started with PHP here and don’t forget to learn MySQL

Well, too many things to learn, ha? But you just need to learn once forever and use these skills for all of other frameworks.

Finally, let’s dig the main magento work here

We are sure you know how to start with magento tutorial since you completed too many skills before working with it. If you need a good hosting to make sure all of magento features work well, then look at this tutorial about best magento hosting.

Happy coding :)!