Magento Hosting by A2 - 300percent

Increase Magento Performance is easier a lot from now with A2 SSD Hosting package for Magento. Magento2X team recently review and test magento hosting package provide by A2 include SSD support. The result is very impression since it ‘s really help to increase magento performance a lot.

increase magento performance 300%

A2 Hosting is one of a few of  hosting providers on the world who provide shared hosting what support SSD for Magento Hosting. So why SSD technique increase magento performance? Let ‘s look at data access on server workflow then we will know why SSD technique help to increase magento performance.

First of all, maybe you will need to know what is SSD technique?

It ‘s Solid State Drives (SSD)! According to performance tests, A2 SSDs will load your site up to 3-times faster compared to a normal hard drive. They even use SSDs for their own site!

This is statistic when we compare with other drive in SQL transaction:

SQL SSD Statistic 300% faster

Here are the key list why SSD technique speed up magento faster 300%:

  • The default magento cache is saved in FileSystem, that ‘s mean it save directly the cache on Hard Drive, in this case SSD help speed up the access time to FileSystem cache and help speed up magento performance.
  • The static files of magento CSS, JS, Images are all save on Hard drive then they are all will speed up the response time to browser 300%
  • MySQL server are DBMS work with multi-thread structure but in the bottom line they can’t save all data on RAM so they must save on Hard Drive and only load need data from hard drive to RAM when they need. So SQL is faster too.

As you see SSD technique help to increase magento performance in practice very good because it increase performance on all data access and help magento work more smooth. You can try without any risk with A2 Magento Hosting package and tell us if you meet any problem or you are not satisfy with the performance.

3 thoughts on “Increase Magento Performance 300% with A2

  1. I have a very long story with A2 Hosting with package for magento. 2 years ago I almost out of business because my hosting provider mess up the server a lot to try to run magento fast, but doesn’t help. I am out of idea how to figure out the right hosting for magento and I found A2 Hosting with SSD support. I help my customers happy in the first time they load page. That ‘s really great and I highly recommend them. Thanks for a great services wheat save my customers.

    1. Not much experience with A2 Hosting since I only have one website with them. But I see the speed is very good after a year hosting with them without any downtime.

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