Magento Cloud Hosting

We got many email contact about magento cloud hosting for maintenance recently but our customers still don’t know they are running magento on cloud hosting. There are some different things between normal hosting and cloud hosting so sometimes the maintenance fee will be different too.

Magento Cloud Hosting
Magento Cloud Hosting

First of all, magento cloud hosting and managed magento hosting are 2 different things. The cloud hosting is a hosting with cloud technique but managed hosting is a hosting with human management include. That ‘s mean if you are using a managed magento hosting, you will not need any more other help since you always have your hosting provider help you about hosting issues. But if you use cloud hosting you will need more help.

What is Magento Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting has grown in popularity in recent years. If you’ve been exploring your hosting options for any time at all, then you’ve no doubt come across cloud hosting before, and probably have a lot of questions. The cloud is a concept that has been employed across many areas of technology, and now it’s expended out into the hosting arena as well.

Below we explore what cloud hosting is and how it works, and why you might want to consider utilizing cloud hosting to host your own website.


So Magento Cloud Hosting is just a cloud hosting but they configure and install many additional software/hardware to work best for magento.

Understanding the Magento Cloud Hosting

When it comes to the cloud there is no physical thing you can point to and label as the cloud. Just like with cloud hosting there isn’t a single physical server you can point to and say, “that’s a cloud host.”how does cloud server hosting work

Instead, it’s a way of storing data across multiple computers and accessing that data via a network connection like the Internet. As a whole, the cloud behaves like a single physical computer, with endless processing power and storage space.

Common cloud-based services that employ a similar process are cloud storage providers like Dropbox and Google Docs. The underlying idea of resource scaling, storage, and access remain the same when extended out to cloud hosting as well.

So if you only care a web hosting for magento cloud hosting then the storage is still need for static files storage for your shop to make sure your site scalability.

How Does Magento Cloud Hosting Work?

The easiest way to break down cloud hosting is to compare it to a single server model. With traditional hosting, you have a single server that contains all of your website’s files. When a user visits your website these files are then served up from that single physical server.

Compare this to a cloud hosting setup where your site’s resources can be drawn from multiple different virtual server environments.

At the core of a cloud hosting setup is a network of physical servers, with virtualized servers running on top of them. With this setup you can draw from a near-infinite supply of server resources and scale your site as your needs grow.

Magento Public Cloud vs Private Cloud Hosting

Public Cloud Hosting

Most examples of cloud hosting involve the use of public cloud models; hosting on virtual servers that pull resource from a pool of other publicly available virtual servers

The same public networks are used to transmit their data; data which is physically stored on the underlying shared servers which form the cloud resource

These public clouds will include some security measure to ensure that data is kept private, and would suffice for most installations

Private Cloud Hosting

Private clouds are more suitable where security and privacy is more of a concern

Private clouds use ring-fenced resources, such as servers and networks, whether located on site or with the cloud provider