Magento2X – Who we are?

Magento2X is a magento development team. We are working on magento theme design, magento extension development and support. We provide magento service in magento ecommerce industry. Not too much information about us but basically we love to work with magento. You can take a look our Services & Products.


Where we come from?

We are in Vietnam and we are living in Vietnam at a moment. Sometimes some guy in our team will have travel to Europe or US but almost time we are still in Vietnam. So what ‘s good here? We love a $1 for a very good coffee here what can help us work effective entire of day. And we guess you see the advantage that we are in a country with a lot of good developers and everything not too expensive, with this advantage we believe we can provide a very high quality service with reasonable price.

What we are doing?

Magento2X was born to focus most to magento performance and research all of ways to speed up magento since it ‘s very important for a shop online. We develop extensions what can help to improve performance and document all of ways to speed up magento. We love the fast magento site and if you love too then Contact Us for quote we will help you speed up your magento site.

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