Varnish Cache is an Enterprise Caching Solution for Magento. It ‘s an ideal caching system what are verified to work very fast for magento. In this tutorial, I will show the easiest way to use Varnish to speed up your magento.

1. Varnish Cache for Magento VPS/Dedicated Server

For a dedicated server or a VPS you need to have server skill to set up. In this time, you will need to set up varnish for your server and install varnish extension for your magento.

Varnish for Magento

If you have server skills, I believe it will not take you too much time to make it work. We will make an article about this soon. But if you don’t have server skill enough and don’t want to spend too much time to maintain and pay high price every month, I recommend you go with magento managed varnish hosting what include everything for you to make varnish work with some clicks.

2. Varnish Cache from a magento managed varnish hosting

As we say, the shared hosting what include managed varnish hosting is a perfect choice for people who don’t have too much server skill or don’t want to spend a lot of time to maintain server. In this case, we just need to buy the hosting and everything should be ready.

Our experience in many years, we always go with SiteGround GoGeek package for Shared Varnish managed hosting (you can use GrowBig package if you think it meet you requirements). They include the back-end control caching User Interface and the Magento Extension.

After you order the hosting from SiteGround, let’s login to cPanel and install a new Magento site. Then click “SuperCacher” icon

This will bring you to a screen with three tabs – static caching, dynamic caching, and memcaching. In order to make the images fit the screen, I’ve modified them slightly so what you see in the image below won’t exactly match what you see. Let’s take a look at each of these caching technologies separately.

The Varnish static cache is simple to implement – in fact, it should already be enabled by default. If not, simply turn it on by flipping the switch from “off”, to “on”.

This will process all static resources on your website and hold them in RAM memory which is served orders of magnitude faster than those resources located on an HDD. This by itself, should take off quite a heavy load off your servers.

Enable Dynamic Cache and Download Magento Extension

If you install magento right, after click the dynamic tab you will see the installation and download button.


Now, let’s install extension to your magento and enable the varnish cache feature. Then you clear cache and feel the fast speed. I believe this way will be quite simple for any of you to do.

Thanks and welcome any comment.

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