If you run magento site and meet malware problem, it ‘s really a nightmare. In the most case, if you got the backup version and it ‘s reasonable to restore. Let’s restore, unless you need to do somehow to remove malware. In this article I will show you 2 ways to remove malware from your magento website.


1. Remove malware from magento by cPanel virus scanner

If you are using cPanel, there is a very easy way for you to scan and remove it.

Let’s login to cPanel and scroll down, you will see this icon for virus scanner


Then click it and you will see the virus scanner page like this

scan virus

Click “Scan Now” and just wait to see the result.

2. Remove malware for magento in VPS/Dedicated server

If you own a VPS or Dedicated Server, you have to take care the malware or virus scanner software. In this case, I suggest you use Linux Malware Detect https://www.rfxn.com/projects/linux-malware-detect/

It ‘s quite simple to install and use. You can download and install it from source here http://www.rfxn.com/downloads/maldetect-current.tar.gz

Then just run this command to scan current directory

Now, wait and see the result.

And don’t forget that if you choose the good hosting, the hosting provider will take care these kind of issue for you to keep their server clean. You can check this option for magento hosting http://magento2x.com/fast-magento-hosting/

Hope 2 ways above will help you fight with malware issue. Welcome any comment.