Magento SEO Optimization is very important for your magento shop before you publish it. Not only for search engine but also for your users. They will like it much more if your site clean, clear and easy to navigate.

Magento SEO Optimization

There are many steps to do the Magento SEO Optimization and here we will try to list all of ways to help you make your shop have a best seo on page.

Magento SEO Optimization with Magento System Ready.

Magento is one of the most search engine friendly e-commerce applications. The Search Engine Optimization for Magento can be enabled through the script admin area -> System -> Configuration -> Web -> Search Engines Optimization:

Magento SEO Optimization

In the URL Options it is recommended to turn off the Add Store Code to Urls function (it is set to No by default).
Additionally, the Magento installation set the default page title to Magento Commerce. Pick a more descriptive one and change it from the script admin area ->System -> Configuration -> Design -> HTML Head. Enter the new one in the Default Title field. It will be used for pages without custom title. If you want your store name to appear in all page titles put it in theTitle Suffix field.

Magento SEO Optimization

To avoid duplications in URLs let do this.

System => Configuration => Catalog => Search Engine Optimization.

and set “Use Categories Path for Product URLs” to “No”, as shown below:

Magento SEO Optimization

To prevent Magento from generating duplicate content when you want to show the same product in multiple categories, set both “Canonical Link Meta Tag” fields to “Yes” on that same page, as shown below:

Magento SEO Optimization

You can also use category and product images to attract visits from search engines to your e-store by doing the following:

  • Use meaningful names for your images, i.e. “magento-seo-optimization.jpg” instead of “photo23467.jpg”.
  • When adding an image of a product, write a meaningful description to be used as the “title” and “alt tag” for the given image, i.e. “Magento optimzation extension” as shown below.

Magento SEO Optimization

When adding a category, a product, or page, create a “URL Key” so that your e-store URLs become more search engine friendly, as shown below:

Magento SEO Optimization

To help Google index your site, generate a Google Sitemap automatically by going to this path:

System => Configuration => Google Sitemap.

  • In the “Generation Settings” box, enable sitemap generation and change its frequency according to your e-store update frequency. This will allow Google to get your site’s most up-to-date sitemap that includes all new items.
  • You can also modify sitemap settings upon adding a new category, product, or page, so that your sitemap includes all of your new items, as shown below:

Magento SEO Optimization

You can also easily add a “Google Webmaster Tools verification tag” in Magento by going to this path:

System => Configuration => Design => HTML Heads.

Put your “Google Webmaster Tools verification tag” in the “Miscellaneous Scripts” box as shown below:

Magento SEO Optimization

Enable “Google Analytics” by going to this path: System => Configuration => Google API.

Set “Enable option” to “Yes” and type your Account Number in the box as shown below:

Magento SEO Optimization

Magento SEO Optimization by Server configuration.

One of the problem with SEO people usually meet is the site speed. Search engine will not patient to try to load your page if it ‘s too slow, other than that the page load fast will impress search engine a lot. You can read the instruction to Speed Up Magento in Easy steps to speed it up.

And the last thing need to keep is product detail, this is something relate to writing, you need to keep keywords, text and many things else. We will try to do an article for this soon. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I’m on the same page with you in terms of site speed. Many web owners overlooked on this minor details that makes a lot of difference in their ranking.

    Now on top of that, with the upcoming Mobile-Friendly update in April, it’s not just site speed that we should be concerned about, it’s whether our site provides good mobile user experience!

    Keep sharing the tips.

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    thanks so much ” Magento2X ” for useful information . but i think it was base for seo !!!!
    about speed , of course you are right and it is so much important

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