Magento performance is one of the very important issues for any magento site owner. Because magento have too many features, too good so that it ‘s too heavy. Our package about magento optimization and speed up magento page load service is designed to solve the real problem about magento performance to get magento work perfect with all of heavy features in a good speed page load.

magento optimization and speed up load page services

Our shop online customers are not patient, they willing leave our website if the page load time more than 2 seconds. They even leave our website without buying anything just because the check out process take them too much time.

Understand the problem very much, we design the package “magento optimization and speed up magento page load service” what include a collection of magento method, magento technique, magento extension and magento server tweak to make magento fast as possible.

In this service package we provide Free Quote and the price range from $150 to $200 for each time doing the magento optimization package.

Service guarantee in magento optimization services.

  • Less than 1 second page load in average guarantee
  • No money prepaid needed
  • No downtime
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • No satisfy, no pay
  • Flexible payment method: paypal, bank

How do we start to work together in magento optimization services?

  • Client make order service on (no payment needed)
  • We require credential to review: hosting/server, magento admin, FTP account
  • Send back to quote client: with price from $150 to $200
  • The optimization will be done after 24 hours when we get approve the quote from client (no payment needed)
  • Release the result and get feedback from client. The payment will be made if the client happy with the result. Unless no payment need to make.

What will we do for your magento site to speed it up?

  • Optimize .htaccess file for browser cache, server response and static files handler
  • Optimize MySQL configuration and Clean up database
  • Caching configuration and installation: APC, memcached, XCache ….
  • Install and configure full page caching solution
  • CSS/Js combination and minify
  • CDN support and configure

Terms and Conditions

  • The service is NOT FREE, it is only free for quote.
  • We need to get the server/hosting credentials to review before doing the optimization works.
  • We do not want to get any private information from customer store and we will not share any private information from customer store to anyone. Please make sure you have no sensitive information in data source your send us.
  • The price for optimization package is only done on one magento installation. If you want to do the work on development store first and then do again on live version. The price will be charged 30% more for each clone version of development store.

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