In this post I will show you the easiest way to Clear/Flush Redis Cache & Memcache Data what we are usually do in Magento cache server. It will be the same for hosting if you use for wordpress or joomla.

clear-flush redis and memcached data

1. Clear/Flush Memcached

With memcached we will clear/flush cache via telnet like this

$ telnet 11211
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection to localhost closed by foreign host.

2. Clear/Flush Redis cache

With redis we flush cache via redis-cli

$ redis-cli
$redis> flushall
$redis> exit

If you look at more about redis document you will see these tips

FLUSHDB - Removes data from your connection's CURRENT database.
FLUSHALL - Removes data from ALL databases.

That ‘s all, it ‘s quite easy to do. Hope it ‘s useful for you. Thanks and welcome any comment.

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