Magento Cache Solutions on Shared Hosting and VPS/Server is one of the most important issue what we need to invest time to make our magento work faster.


In this article I will show you a very basic understanding about magento caching engine in shared hosting and vps/server. It will be useful for you to decide what to do with your magento site.

As you know, magento require a lot of server resource to run well. Other than that, the caching is the heart of magento performance, we can’t make it work fast without caching solution. That ‘s why when you find a shared hosting for your magento site, you need to make sure it support caching well. You can look at this article to choose the good one for you

When it come with dedicated server or a VPS, we can install and configure any caching solutions for magento. And you know, in this case we face to another problem what any people can think about. I will talk more below.

1. Caching hosting/server resources

The first different thing between shared hosting and server/vps is dedicated caching resource or shared resource. If you site serve a lot of traffic and you need to make sure 100% traffic stable without any downtime. The dedicated server will be a nice choice for you. In shared hosting, the caching resource shared (on RAM or HDD/SSD) with all shared hosting account too.

In shared hosting, the caching for all of account will balance for all request so that sometimes it ‘s very fast and sometimes it ‘s slower. A good hosting company will know how to limit the traffic and usage resource to make sure all of sites on server work fast.

In server/vps what is set up ourself, we have to handle the tech and it is not easy to do. It ‘s quite easy to make a server crash without any problem.

2. Caching Management

The caching management from VPS/Server will be dedicated usage for server only, in the case shared hosting shared caching resource. In the best server configuration, the vps/server will work faster shared hosting very much. But it cost much more too.

3. Magento caching expert help

If you are magento performance expert then I highly recommend you buy a vps/server to set up magento site. But if you have to hire a third party or try to learn about it then I highly recommend you use shared hosting what support magento caching solution well.

4. Magento caching configuration

Magento site on vps/server and shared hosting configure in the same ways. So if some days you want to move from hosting to server or server to hosting, you don’t need to change anything except the caching credentials.

Just a very first idea for caching in magento. Hope it ‘s useful. Welcome any comment.

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  1. In this case, I think shared hosting with expert help will be the best for almost people until they can hire a dedicated admin for their website. But I still think until they can hire they still need a managed magento hosting server because how they can hire a good guy in magento? This ‘s really nice help for me. Thanks

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