magento system requirements

Magento System Requirements

Magento system requirements in base level, Magento will require the following software:

  • Supported Operating Systems:
    • Linux x86, x86-64
  • Supported Web Servers:
    • Apache 1.3.x
    • Apache 2.0.x
    • Apache 2.2.x
    • Nginx (starting from Magento 1.7 Community and 1.12 Enterprise versions)
  • Supported Browsers:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above
    • Apple Safari 5 and above on Mac only
    • Google Chrome 7 and above
    • Adobe Flash browser plug-in should be installed
  • PHP Compatibility:
    • 5.2.13 – 5.3.15
    • Required extensions:
      • PDO_MySQL
      • simplexml
      • mcrypt
      • hash
      • GD
      • DOM
      • iconv
      • curl
      • SOAP (if Webservices API is to be used)
    • Safe_mode off
    • Memory_limit no less than 256Mb (preferably 512)
  • MySQL:
    • EE or later: MySQL 5.0.2 or newer
    • EE or earlier: MySQL 4.1.20 or newer
    • CE (all versions): MySQL 4.1.20 or newer
  • Redis NoSQL (optional for CE 1.8 and later, EE 1.13 and later)
    • redis-server version 2.6.9 or later
    • phpredis version 2.2.2 or later
  • SSL:
    • If HTTPS is used to work in the admin, SSL certificate should be valid. Self-signed SSL certificates are not supported
  • Server – hosting – setup:
    • Ability to run scheduled jobs (crontab) with PHP 5
    • Ability to override options in .htaccess files

And the last question is how do you know your server/hosting meet these requirements or not?

There is a very simple way to check with this article tipsĀ How do I know if my hosting compatible with Magento?

6 thoughts on “Magento System Requirements

  1. It ‘s useful information, I can use it as a standard to buy a vps for my magento site. But as far as I keep the requirements, the magento site will work fast, right?

    1. No Luci, the system requirements is only enough to run. To make magento run fast, you need to optimize server for magento and maybe the hardware need to upgrade more. Other than that, it will belong to your magento site with number of product and traffic. You can look at the article about fast magento hosting to choose the right one.

  2. It required too much, I think we should buy a hosting/server with ready service instead of installing it :(.

    1. Of course, if you are not webmaster you should buy a managed magento hosting service to get them take care the risk.

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